11 May 2009

Who's the Boss?

My current boss is the most challenging boss I have ever had. Although I once had a boss that actually threw temper tantrums and hurled office materials across the room, she was tame compared to my current boss. From the start to finish of the day she is non-stop demands. She’ll assign me a project and then change her mind completely and want me to work on something else entirely. She is constantly harassing me and moving up deadlines to suit her demanding needs. Even when I think I have exceeded her expectations, she will completely take my efforts for granted with very little gratitude or affirmation of my achievements. She gives me guilt trips when I take time off and complains if I take breaks. If I can’t meet her high expectations, watch out – her wrath ensues. But at the end of the day, she looks up at me with her big hazel eyes, gives me a hug and a kiss and says “I love you, Mommy” and it all seems worth it. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there with the most demanding bosses they’ve ever had!

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