20 October 2008

Endorsing Obama

I was reading Colin Powell's comments today regarding why he supported Obama and it suddenly became clear to me why I admire him (both of them, really). It is because they are inclusive. It is because they are not divisive. It is because they are thoughtful in their search for truth and meaning and will listen to all sides and points of view without dismissing them out of hand and may even incorporate them into their own belief system. It is because they keep their chronies as friends, but that doesn't mean that they owe them their vote or a job or expect that from them in return. It is because they actually earn the respect of their peers and country not inherit or expect it to be served to them with their silver spoon. Because they transcend party lines, race and age barriers or at least blur them. Because they look at the facts and the issues and steer away from personal attacks and divisive politics. because, because, because.....

I actually teared up in the middle of reading Powell's comments which so simply stated his reasons he chose Obama and all of them had to do with the above sentiment that basically we are one country and need someone level-headed and thoughtful who can bring that country together. They were tears of relief that finally we may have found a leader who may actually be able to accomplish that come-to-the-table together and solve the issues mentality and set party politics aside for the greater good of the country. For the first time it felt like a fundamental change in politics as usual that we have waited for for a long time. Change that I can believe in.

Choix de Vivre

This blog intends to be a mindful look at everyday life and be thankful for the little things, both figuratively and literally. It will hopefully serve as a reminder that the universe is full of good if you just pause and allow yourselves to appreciate it. So here goes:

I am reminded daily that my choix de vivre is my joy of life. She reminds me when the first squeak from her lips in the morning is a searchful sleepy "Mommy". Her smile when she finds my cuddling arms reminds me. When she demands "my turn" and stands on her tippy toes to stretch her 3 yr old legs to push herself up on the potty, I feel proud and at the same time silly for feeling so. When she surfaces from her room with a striped shirt and polka-dot pants and two different color socks, so "chuffed" that she did it "all by myself", I am truly reminded, for it is both an accomplishment and an expression of herself. Although she may one day berate me for letting her leave the house dressed like that, until then I will cherish her enthusiasm to do so! When I drop her off at her first day of pre-school, she gives me a kiss to take with me and I walk out the door with a big sigh and feel both freedom and emptiness at the same time. For all of this, I am thankful and despite the last 3 years of sleep deprivation, loss of self, and 24-7 challenge of raising a baby to toddler to little girl, she brings me a joie de vivre that is unimagineable and insurpassable - all of this from a choice that changed my life for the best. For this, for her, I am truly thankful.